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          The wide field of activities of our Association, apart from the tightening of the human relations between its members and their families, contains a consecutive presence among the cultural, social and national acts within the city of Piraeus, as well as nation wide. Very often the Association organizes visits to historical sites like the Roupel Fort in Sidirokastro, the byzantine fortified town of Mystras, the historic town of Kalavryta, the sacred rock of martyr in Zalogo, as well as to historic monasteries like these of Meteora in Thessalia and Agio Oros in Mount Athos, Macedonia, posing and accentuating in this way the historical and cultural inrehitage of our Nation.

          Within the range of activities of our Association lays the adoption of three (3) villages located in the borderland of Hellas with the Republic Of Albania, namely Mavropoulo, Chrysodouli and Zavrocho, which we frequently visit, offering meals, gifts and stationery to the children of lower purchasing power.

          The financial resources of our Association are based upon the voluntary contribution of its members, charities and state subventions.


Saint Nikitas

Patron Saint
of Reserve Officers

Celebration Day:
15th of September



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